Anonymous inquired god, you're so anorexic and stick thin. it's fucking disgusting and you should be ashamed modeling things and making people want to look like and be as unhealthy as you.

Hahaha ok

Anonymous inquired I really need your advice. I'm 16 and will be going to community college part time (running start) and I'll be in the city so I was wondering if I should get a iphone 5s or the canon rebel t3i camera. I really need a new camera since my old one has a broken lens but have been eyeing the phone and I've literally gone 2 years with a cellphone. What do you think I should do? btw I know this question is random but I really respect and admire you was wondering what would you choose?

Definitely the iPhone. You can take photos with it until you’re able to save up for a new camera xoxo