Anonymous inquired I adore your style so much! where are your favourite places to shop? 😍

Thank you :) 

Favorites would probably be Topshop, Zara & thrift shops

Anonymous inquired Hi! How tall are you? And how do you make your thighs thinner? do you do exercises to slim them or eat better? I want to slim my thighs.

Hi! I’m 5’8”, I eat healthfully most of the time and I’m trying to get into the habit of running everyday but I don’t really exercise.

Anonymous inquired Do you have a job in the new city you live in?

Yes I do

skinny-goth inquired Do you eat 600 now to maintain? I'm 5'5 and 101 pounds. I eat like 800 or so

No I don’t really keep track anymore

Anonymous inquired how old are you? :з

19 x